Sunday, July 11, 2010

I need some guidence

Welcome to my home again

Well here we are again, bearing my soul on my life with my dads.  All the usual stuff, getting them to get to the bakery BEFORE they run out of my sausage rolls. Making sure I get my walks WHEN I want them, sometimes they think I fit in with there plans - GET REAL its my life and one day they will realise  I run the show.

But then you hit the wall, something happens and you don't know what to do. And it happened, I have been sent messages directly to my blog. I guess the senders did a google on Toulouse, and as I have been there (well through it really ) its in my blogs and I have been found

I have received in French the following messages, (as I am Swiss, and therefore fluent in French, German and Italian - not to mention my Spanish !) I have translated for you.  But I am at a loss to know what to do. I am flattered to be tracked down and offered such specialised services, and by people who sound very nice. But I am worried they may not realise just who am am, and maybe not be into such a hirsute "sweet, attentive and charming" international traveller.  So I don't know is I should make an excuse not to be able to visit them in Toulouse, or to get dads to make sure we stopover on our next trip !!

Merci pour votre réponse.
Nous sommes 2 belles jeunes filles sur de 20 et 19  ans  Marie Laure mesures
1m63, 55 kg, 85 B  mince, et moi  Sophie mesures 1m68  59kg  90D.
Nous recherchons donc un homme ou cpl mignon mais surtout sympa, doux,
attentif et charmant !
Ce serait pour faire une rencontre  inoubliable.
Nous ne conaissons pas  des limites.

Nous pouvons recevoir sur Toulouse mais nous pouvons aussi  nous déplacer.  
Marie Laure et Sophie 

Thank you for your reply.
We are two beautiful young girls on 20 and 19 Marie Laure measures
1m63, 55 kg, 85 B thin, and I Sophie measures 1m68 59kg 90D.
We are therefore looking for a man or Cpl cute but especially nice, sweet,
attentive and charming!That would make for an unforgettable encounter.
We do not understand our limits. 
We can meet in Toulouse but we can also move.
Mary Laura and Sophie

Merci pour votre réponse.
Nous sommes en congé alors un  rencontre en soirée ou journée est possible, pouvons recevoir sur notre domicile dans le centre de Toulouse.
Ne sommes pas vénal ! Si pas sérieus inutile de répondre.

Mary Laura and Sophie

Thank you for your reply.We then leave a day or evening meeting is possible, can meet at our home in the center of Toulouse.
We are not corrupt!  
If not serious useless answer.

Mary Laura and Sophie

So I will see what you recommend I do, I have little worldly knowledge to make a good decision, If it was about my "girls" next door I would know what to do (well if I could get there to do it, with out dads knowing !!). Life can be complicated.........

All is quite here tonight, the humans are recovering fro the weekend. We had our friend Rose staying over a couple of nights, so as usual the bottle bin is full today, the noise when all those bottles drop in the recycle bin does my head in, why cant it be plastic bottles ?. But of course there was plenty of Alan's cooking, over the top and over quantity, so I get a plateful, and I can say it was good, so I am recovering too.

London again tomorrow, and we are overnigting, at our house there, meeting up with our London friends, and I hope I get to visit Greenwich Royal Park, may favourite sniff park.

If you are a loss for someting to do, you could always larn about my home land, I include this link to help with your education. Learn all about the Bernese Oberland I will ask question next time to see how much you have learnt.

Will update you on our visit when we get back.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just Call me - Mystic Meg

[ This update is a bit like a copy of "House & Gardens". If you don't want to be bothered with the rantings of a Bernese, just look at the pictures !! - remember "click to enlarge"]

I was born with this uncanny ability to know what the humans are up to and planning. And I just knew as the weather is improving, there was something they were not telling me. BUT I knew, it was inevitable with sunny days, they have an obsession to - BATH me............. and as I do you this blog, I can confirm that after a full bottle of conditioner, I am VERY fluffy, and smell like a whores handbag ! I know not why they have this need to see me humiliated and dripping wet. I will just have to accept its part of life ( and I must admit to you my readers – don’t tell dads – I feel great, its much cooler with all that under fur removed !) I also get my own back, as they have to have the Hoover out all the time as I am creating “tumble fur” all over the house, as my under fur continues to fall away – I just smile.

Do you think I look ferocious barking in our drive ? its just my welcome to you !This is a view of our village from the top of the Church Spire. Our house is where the yellow dot is
And this is a view of the Church from our drive, the huge trees must be as old as the church itself

It’s also the rural life we have here, that there is very little I can tell you in this my blog that will get you excited and envious of us. We do have some fantastic scenery to keep us feeling good. Early summer is just fantastic, and with so many walk around our village, I am always happy. Although I have not been taken on the longer walks we have, but I am taking pity on Dad who is having problems with his joints, and would find the long walks a bit uncomfortable – But soon I am sure we will be back to normal. We look like we will be having a bumper crop of grapes, they are taking over our garden room. I don’t have a problem at my height, but dads have to duck bunches of grapes hanging from the roof. The only problem, we will be back in Spain before they are ready, so they will just have to decorative for now.

This amazing field of red poppies is just on the edge of the village

Looks great, dad said the Taliban must live near by !Then on the other side of the village we have fields of Flax (Linseed), sweeping blue as far as you can see.

Dad did a close up to show you the little pale blue flowers - ain't he kind ?

The flowers and shrubs that are in bloom in our garden look great this year, all the work our friends next door while we were away during the winter. Alan says it would be nice to have plants like that in Spain, but we will just have to enjoy them while we are here.

Dads pride and joy, our little front terrace (afternoon bubble spot) in full bloom. I use the water feature as a drinking fountain !

This side of the garden room is black grapes (not yet there not ripe !) Its nearly always as hot as Spain in here, with the glass roof.

And this side its green grapes (even when they are not ripe !)

In Spain we have a yellow one, but we have a lilac one here in Fulbeck - Bougainvillea - likes the indoor atmosphere.

My walks seem to revolve around Alan's foraging in hedgerows. Its those white flowers in the hedge again think he calls it Elderflower. I like it too cus it gives me extra time to investigate while hes picking it. It all goes back to the kitchen where friends get it served up as warm tempura battered flower heads served with the afternoon "bubbles". Or turns into cordial and adds it to fresh picked local early season gooseberry's and makes Ice Cream. Or just added to sparkling water as a cool drink. (that was scripted as I don't do Elderflower ! so don't know what he's on about). The wild garlic season is also on us so these leaves will be in everything soon. Not that I mind ,as you all know I drool for garlic (garlic bread or dough balls being favourite).

I dare not upset Esmeralda, one of our cats. Dad says they have a cauldron in the cemetery, and they stir it every night, casting spells on the unsuspecting ! I don't wont to wake a Chiwawa ***

Alan scavenging the hedgerows for Elderflowers, soon it will be wild garlic, then wild plums, damsons, crab apples, rose hips and of course sloes. Just like the "Good Life", I not saying who's tom and who's Barbra !!

On the subject of my walks, I do have to share my favourite areas with the locals. There is Watership Down, so many rabbits running around you get dizzy seeing them hop about. I now have to be careful where I walk along the hedgerow, as there are Badger holes large enough for me to fall in (well nearly - they are about 12" diameter), not spotted any yet though. Then I seem to be something of a celebrity with the baby calf's. They line up along the fence of their field and stare, quite disconcerting. I don't get to close with them now, as once I went to see them and a load of their mums started to run to them, we thought they would flatten the fence and get to me, so stay clear is the motto.

Almost home from my walk (bag of flower heads in hand). See how quiet our neighbours are !

The main road into our village, so nice in early summer (now its arrived !)

My favourite sniffing lane, just around the corner from our house.

Now look in amazement !!** Our new village vineyard - just been planted, so no hope for dads having a bottle of local plonk just yet !

I do get to go with them to the next villages when they go shopping. I make sure they don’t forget to get my freshly baked sausage roll for the bakery ( the lady in there knows me and has one waiting for me ) . And of course our local butcher keeps us stocked with yummy meat, and deli food we are so lucky with so much local food. Then there is the pub next door, which has, so dads say, new chefs and have a great menu of daily local dishes. Not that they go there often, but it’s always a backup, when they are to stressed to cook – poor souls.......... They also tell me there is a new eatery in the next village that has very interesting food – so I expect they will try it soon. Needless to say I will not be allowed to join them – this is Britain, the pet loving nation, as long as we are not in places with them !!!

A picture from last year. A view across the back of the village from the church tower.

Guy trying to look cool (in fact trying not to look over the edge - he doesn't like heights.

Quite medieval in'it

So that’s life here, I have been visiting my “girls” Bracken and Lucy next door, they are always happy to see me, but they always want me to play with their toys, they don’t understand I DON'T do toys, I think they think I am a dog !

The calf nursery, they are always staring at me, must think I am one of them but escaped, and grown my hair long to rebel.

We have our friend Rose from London visiting next week, it will be our first guest this summer – actually that’s not true we did have Guys eldest son Max, my mate, here a couple of weeks ago for a weekend, quite a lot of cuddles. So another fun few days entertaining coming up, and the weather is getting better, how much fun can one have !

I will leave you with some of the nice pictures of our village.

Hasta Luego


Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Well as its been 5 weeks since our return to UK, it's long overdue, this update. AT last someone may say! BUT i do have mitigating reasons for not pulling my claw out. We have all been our cosy cave, while the grey, damp, COLD and monsoon days have passed. In these five weeks we have had 6 days when its got over 20 deg, so my fur coat has not been an inconvenience (in fact the opposite – at least I have been able to hypothermia away !) Dads are slowly turning white again, their skin not seeing air let alone sun, under the woollen layers and coats.

But enough of this, it's time to think warm – sun – blue sky – dry walks........... Just 3 months away! No they say on that telly thing that it may get better by the weekend, so maybe we will get the summer we came back for. I have to admit, we would all like to be back in Isla Plana, but having heard some of the chats dad has had on the phone with our friends down there, my paws would not stand the frying on the pavement and terrace, so that's that.

Remember clicking pictures will give you the big one !

Beside the seaside, on a beautiful France early summer day, with my mates Robert and Geoff and dads.

Glad to see that they design the seats to accommodate a Bernese (the decking was a bit hot)

Our journey back was very good as we had two nights with my mates Robert and Geoffrey, in France. Even the new vet I saw was OK, I only quivered a little bit when I was taken there, quite a smart place in fact. We went to the beach, and had a very nice lunch, in the French way (me being able to be with dads). There was a bit of grumbling when they had finally got us home, the costs were added up, and it was my fault ! Had we have been able to fly, they said it would have been such a difference, but I know its not possible for me to fly cus they won't let me have a seat. Because of this it cost over €120 in tolls, €260 in fuel, not to mention the two hotels, food, in car nibbles, and my treats. On the mention of hotels of course not all went well (I could cut and paste this from previous blogs it so repeated ) Apart from dads having to view the spectacle of a resident in the house opposite our room, apparently cocking his leg up his shed. I didn't think humans did this, but they explained that the area we were in the outskirts of Le Mann, it was probably quite usual, as it was like a deprived council estate (when the hotel had been built it was probably different they said), BUT there could only be one other problem – any guesses ?............. Yes you have it WIFI or the lack of it. Advertised as FREE, it got them going as it was not going, then when they got it sorted apparently so slow it was unusable – something like a dialup connection was mentioned – whatever that is. But by then I decided to doze to keep my stress levels down, one more WIFI incident, and I'll need a mussel.

You see I still have the ability to look Innocent and cute ! I have to when watching them with a couple of "bottles" on the table

I miss my three walks a day, now back to my NEW garden (more in bit) and around the village in the afternoon (usually between rain showers!) The humans have taken pity though and I do get a ride out to the supermarket every so often. And as a treat they take me into the pet superstore to buy my chews, and have a sniff round (sometimes I meet interesting mates in the aisles, dads say that not uncommon in the food supermarkets – with housewives cruising for a lunch time treat – confusing cus I thought it was only food you got there !). The one thing I have heard less of since we got back is moaning that ingredients are not available. With what Alan has in the cupboards here, it's never a spice or herb shortage, that going to happen. NOW its "I think I have just bought two tomato plantations back in Spain included in the price of these" apparently the cost of toms here makes their eyes water. Cannot have it every way, I say, but they don't listen, never do, may as well talk to the cats, I am sure they would listen.

Testing out our new "super" lawn, and I can say its perfect

The new garden (taken in the rain - as that what its done since we got here)

Our new garden has made us all happy. Our neighbours, Kenny, Debbie, and kids have transformed our garden, from a tired old weedy country garden to a really nice laid out garden with a beautiful lawn for me to roll on my back on (I am being blamed for a yellow patch that has developed – not sure why ). Apparently the turf came from the grower a few miles down the road who supplies Wembley Stadium – whatever that is, but is certainly nice and green and really like a deep pile carpet, just perfect for me. They keep saying what a difference it has made, I'm just happy for somewhere to cock my leg!

Me in the old garden last year, comfortable overgrown weeds !

Everywhere is so green (they say it's due to the moist conditions) it's quite a contrast to Spain. And I don't have to look out for caterpillars!! It's so lush, with all the spring and early summer (?!?!?) flowers out. I may get a few extra walks over the next few weeks, as Alan will no doubt be in the hedgerows for his Elderflowers; he keeps friends happy with his flower fritters, and then makes vats of cordial to use through the summer in his cooking etc. I think it must have more taste than the grass I eat out of the hedgerows; else it would have no point. Another reason I get less walks is my fields end up out of bounds cus the cows with their new calf's are in there, with their dad the bull. They keep telling me its in my best interest not to walk in that field under the circumstances - I guess I will have to trust the humans on that.

Dads seem to be settling in after the five weeks, they were like disturbed lunatics for a while. They don't chill like me........and when we arrived and the new heating system failed, then the alternative electric system blew every fuse in the box, (not hot water or heating – bank holiday and COLD) they got stressed. Which only got worse when Alan's PC monitor (and the one I use for these blogs) would not turn on, and it was only about a year old but required another new one to be purchased. Added to WIFI problems (where's the mussel !!!!!!!!!!!) and our poor neighbour had had problems with their heating oil tank leaking, which made our kitchen smell like a refinery. They have had that fixed and the kitchen is fine again (big relief cus they had been told it could have been a REALY big problem) and they have fixed all the other things, and many more, and all would have been the same if they just chilled (may offer a training course to them – sure I may get funding from the government to do evening classes for stressed humans) They are also regular visitors to the local tip, they take loads of stuff there and the house looks no different – they say it's a Tardis – whatever that is.

Dads are also happy that the hotel/pub next door has moved on to better things (I not cus they cannot take me in when they go to eat !) they have some very good chiefs and custom is picking up, so maybe the end of the boarded up era we all hope so, and sometimes I meet a mate on the seating area at the bottom of our drive where on nice days (not seen many yet !) where they drink and eat overlooking our village green. You can take a look at our business in our village by clicking here .

I also have to admit I did something daft and it turned out bad for me. I was lying on the settee with dad, right back, lounging and dosing with my paws in the air, (like in the picture on the top banner - right) when the door bell went. I sat up to fast jumping off to bark at the intruder (which it wasn't its was my next door neighbour Lynne). A couple of hours later I could hardly walk, and the pain was awful, making me yelp. It was so bad I could not sleep for almost two nights and of course this kept dads awake, which I tried not to do. They thought I had twisted or sprained my leg, but I did not think so. Alan had to see the vet on Bank Holiday Sunday, to get me some of my wonder drug; I had when I did my paw. They think now I pulled or ripped a mussel on my spine, but most of the pain went after taking the medicine. But a week later I still have to yelp when I turn or move. Dads are keeping a close eye on me, and won't let me sit back like I used to on the settee, but I will have to go along with it so I don't end up with pain like that gain. (I am also watching Alan to make sure he does not nick my medicine – he says if it could only work for him like it does for me - Get your own

Enough for now, you will all be falling to sleep, with so much to read. Another update perhaps next week. I am thinking maybe adding to the smile blog, (I have so much stored from senders) will have to see, if I have the time and inclination. May see if I can get dad to update it for me! I should be so lucky!

Have to go it's there "bubble" time, I need them to press the upload button for me before they get squiffy ! (not a pretty sight I can tell you – no dog should have to see it really !)

You can always send me a message by clicking the email button at the top of the blog, happy to here from all my friends.

Big Furry hugs


Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Thank you for dropping buy, your programme will start very shortly.
Just testing my paws on the keyboard, and trying to remember how I do these blog things......

WATCH THIS SPACE as they say


Friday, November 6, 2009

It only seems like yesterday !

Here we are again, it’s the "Day of the Dead" (Día de los Muertos). To day many Spaniards will visit the cemeteries with the family. Take huge flower arrangements and other colourful offering, to celebrate the lives of those passed on. They make it a party and celebrate the memories. It follows "All Saints Day, yesterday with a bit of Halloween thrown in for good luck. So there you have it another reason for a couple of fiesta days. We have already had over 5 since we arrived 7 weeks ago, but we do have to wait 3 weeks till the next. The "Sardine Fiesta" (Las fiestas del Milagro de Bolnevo), the whole show lasts a week, with even the Moors and Christians thrown in the festival (we had the BIG Moors and Christine celebration in Cartagena last month a full week event, but it always has a days holiday included ! . Life in Spain is fun as you can see. (there is rumour of another fiesta on the 8th Nov,but not sure which town locally it is, but I will be a holiday there !.

The summer does not want to leave, its was 30 deg yesterday and last night was 23 in the house, and we all had a bad nights sleep as it was 75% humidity !!, now we have a nice breeze and dads say it is said to get more pleasant as the day go on - Oh bliss.

I have not been doing the "socialising" as much of late, it seems we have so many things to do (well dads do ! - supposedly !) and its still a bit hot for someone so hirsute !. But while a stay cool at home they pop out to "meet up". Last week they were round next door with our new neighbours Maura and Pat, I could hear them chatting over the balcony. I do get to keep up with my mates Pate & Dave (they have the best biscuit box in the area !!). They were round here a few days ago, helping dads put up our new snazzy electric awning, just great helps keep the sun off my fur. in fact it getting like home, with plants and garden furniture and umbrellas. Even sun beds !!.

I am only getting my biscuits and cream about once a week, my mate Julie will forget what I look like !! But we have been to a few new places that have just opened. A nice French bar/cafe and a German one as well. I must admit I got VERY good attention at both, they seemed to like me and got some nice nibbles ! So my guide to good eating in the Port grows, but more work for me to do yet !

So another day (you see it takes days to do one update !) last night was a lot cooler and we all got a good nights sleep. That was after a brilliant sunset (its the sunset season). So just back from the Port again, my fans were out for me, its nice to see so may smiling faces when people come to chat to me. But after 2 months I still have not caught up with my mate Barney, in fact dads were saying yesterday that we were not meeting any of our mates at the moment (or maybe there avoiding us, hiding around corners !).

One thing is for sure, we have got the manana thing sorted, we all just go with the flow. We have been waiting for our telephone line, ordered on 05 Sept. It was promised within 20 days, we now at 60 days and they still say they don't know where we are !. Well we do and one day a telefonica man will arrive, but till then manana .

For now I will end, need to get them humans out on the "bin run" so I can get my evening sniffing and leg cocking session in!

PS. maybe get round to some pics of life here in next update - unless manana sets in before I get to the keyboard.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

How big can they make pills ?

It was one of these horror days. While dads were out doing the shopping (without me !) I slipped on the tiled floor, and did my back leg in. Dads noticed I had a problem and was in pain, so without a pause they got me in the little red car (more about that later ) and i was whisked into town, and what’s this NO NO its the vets !!!. I must say he was a nice young vet and was being really nice, while he gave me a examination all over, then just when I thought it was time to leave, out came the digital thermometer and in it went, he was so funny saying it would hurt a chewowa but it would be nothing for me !!. I did think of showing him my teeth, but he was after all trying to help me. I had a jab and dads got a packet of pills, one a day for a week. Well they did joke, which end they were for and when I saw them I nearly choked, they are like £1 coins (I joke not !). But they did pull a fast one, I was having a nice noggin or two of Spanish Cheese, and I wondered why they said I was a good boy for eating the cheese. You have it, they has stuffed one inside, but at least it’s down my neck, and my hip is not as painful.

Now as I said the little red car is back (well a new version but still red), they had been to Cartagena (WITHOUT ME !) last Tuesday. And apparently on their return, at the top of the mountain just as they started their decent, the clutch broke and Alan had no gears (I think I know what he means !). Well they had a bit of difficulty doing the last 5 km down the mountain. The car was later towed back to Cartagena to the dealer. Its been there 10 days now, while they get parts. It was supposed to ready Wednesday, but this is Spain, and when they were contacted they said they would be starting the work Thursday, maybe finished Friday. We are NOT holding our breath, as the little red car went back today, we are stuck with our paws and feet, still they beach and social are only 10 mins away, who needs a car !

I am not getting so many walks at the moment. Particularly to the Port. It just too hot for me (and them at times when the humidity goes up ). It’s been 30-32 most days and not usually falling below 20-22 deg at night, so its walk early and late, but when we can we do pop into town to catch up with our friends. I have been here 6 weeks now and still have not seen my mate Barney, will have to try harder, to be in port when he there. We did have a couple a REALY bad days of weather, in fact dads were saying it the worst rain this area has had for nearly 20 years. Don’t understand but they said 85cm per meter. A bit further up the coast it was 120cm. The ramblas made roads impassable, and we could not get to any town in any direction, and roads became blocked with water, boulders and shrubs. We have a big concrete wall in front of our development and the weight of water that got behind it made it collapse ! So this year it’s been the coldest winter for 150 years, the hottest summer in 50 years (one day it was the hottest ever recorded in Mercia, and now the wettest for 20 years, it must all be because we have moved here !

And did I mention shopping ? They seem to be doing it till they drop, apparently BARGIN HUNTING !. We have a nice new black shiny terrace table and chairs, a settee and 2 arms chairs with coffee table on the roof, with 2 sunbeds (just not have to go up there if they decide to use them, too much for me, 2 beached whales on beds !! not a nice sight. The big white sail sunshade is up, and now they are after a roller blind (toldos here !) for the terrace. And we have nice big plants in pots, which I have been told I must NEVER raise by leg up , as if I would. So its getting like home, have to see what “bargains” they come home with next.

More news and pics on the next update

All from your big blog hound for now !

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I know I promised an update, but I am convalescing this evening. I will give you all the detail soon, but for now all I can say is I ended up at the Vets at lunchtime and among other things done I had my temperature taken. Now you can guess the horror of this for a dog, I will get over the indignity, but not until I have had a good night’s rest. I hope there will be lasting scars, Dads say I'm being over dramatic, but it was not them with a digital probe inserted and acting like a mobile mast, then a javelin pushed through my skin flooding my inside with gallons of medicine.

So as I retire to my recovery bed, I promise more news soon.


Sunday, October 11, 2009


Its been a little time since I got my paws on this keyboard, but after much harassment, I have scummed to keeping you informed of my life. Your part in this is you MUST read it regularly. No excuse, I see the visits to the blog, and if my dear friends find better things to do that follow my antics, then I shall do a Victor Meldrew and live my life in Private (no paparazzi !).

I have lots to tell you, so I will do a quick update, and then give you the dirt. I also have stacks of fun to share with you so also click onto my "FUN" page (link - top right of this blog).

Its a fiesta weekend (funny we always seem to be having a fiesta - perhaps that's why we are here ) so watch this space cus with the temp still at 30 -32 during the day and night temps around 23-25) I have time on my paws to get this show on the road.

For now my friends its manana, and as dads seem to be moving towards the gin bottle, i suppose I better sign off and keep an eye on the old crocks to make sure they don't injure them selves while lifting the tonic bottle !!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And still the rains pours

Well its 10 days and still it rains. Yesterday I got soaked, dad was OK a big umbrella, so they now call me swampy cus I smell of wet dog (you could get a complex with these humans !). They keep saying its going to get sunny, BUT when, we all need a break.

A drink from my fountain by the "02 Dome"

Having a great play and run in the park by our house

Well we had a quick trip back down to London ( a quite visit this time – no party !). I got a great walk in my favourite park (again) lots of mates, and it did not rain !!. There are some of my best walk down here, it strange that its sometimes better in the BIG city than in the country. We had a nice dinner with my mate Val, before she goes off to America (where ever that is) for a holiday at the end of the week. But its back upt north cus dad needs to get some gardening done. I have been trying to help, have flattened most of the weeds !!. Ungrateful, he says its now harder to get them up. Wont help again !!.

Evening from the roof terrace looking at Canary Wharf

Its nice when they eat out here in the evening when its warm enough !

Its sunny sometimes

Been joining my mate Harvey, next door in a bit of singing and howling today. Dad said I am much better than Harvey at the head back howl, could work on a horror movie !. But could I cut it out !, well no me and Harvey are having a great competition, might be a bit horse by tonight !

Greenwich Royal park my favourite walk

Had a few e.mails from our mate Julie down in Spain. She’s been having a “Great” Time, all I can say is it must be hard to find 14 boots !. She also sent some “smiles” so these are going onto the smile blog, click and have a look.

So may trees. I could sniff for a fortnight !

Just going for a siesta, not sure if I’m in London or Fulbeck, so much travel does a poor dogs head in !


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Its Sooooooooooo cold & wet

Well its such fun for us all as we enjoy MID MAY in England. Its getting barmy at 10-11 degs each day, and on the odd day when its not raining we get blue sky and sun BUT NO heat. Its been a week now, and its monsooning as I write this, and the wind drives the cold through my fur !! Pity dads passport and driving licence are away for renewal or we would be on our way back to the sun…….

The early line up at the burlesque party

Still it could be worse..actually IT COULD NOT !!

We were at our London House at the weekend. Our best mate Valerie lives there and she had one of her "parties". This time it was her birthday combined with two of our other friends Kirsten and Laurent. Its was a success as some of the pics will show (and before you ask there are no "Special" pictures of the girls in their Burlesque outfits !!).

Now the celebs arrive !!

Should she be in the kitchen? there could be anything living in that hair !

You will also see that we had the famous join the party - Amy Winehouse and friend, almost as obnoxious as the real thing but I found out it my mates Chris and Laurent dressed up and acting......

Val on the cycle we and some of her neighbours bought for her birthday

There was somewhere between 40 - 50 there over the evening, and my mate Hector the Viamarana joined me, for doggy fun on the terrace (its was to packed to get room to play in the house !) Dads started with their shirts on. Then a sweater was put on, then another tee-shirt underneath. Then we went to bed and left the "young ones" to it. I got three walks out of it, and on my last I tried to find the foxes that had kept me and dads awake last night. Dads say its funny there are far more foxes around our London home than out in the countryside. I think they are mating cus the noise was like screaming I hear on the horror movies the humans watch sometime.

I think everyone looked like this at the end

Some of the cake on the evening, I had a nice chunk given me my some nice partygoer !

They seemed to have achieved a party without hangover (sorry I had to take a break there as they have bought me some Scottish Shortbread today, and I have just had a great big chunk .......yummyyyyyy) Where was I ...(any more of the shortbread !) oh yes no hangovers but lots of clearing up to do. Nice being a dog, just lying around watching the work being done. I also got to go up to Greenwich Royal Park, one of my best walks - so many mates to meet .. We just made it before a shower !

These were the savoury nibbles made especially for the party, very adult I think !!!

So having caught up with all our friends in London ( I did get told off by Rose for having my painting done - cus she has been asking me to pose for ages ) we have returned to Lincolnshire to get rusty, so no more big city walks for now !

Hope you are all clicking to my fun page, as I try to get more smiles on that blog too..

Just going to get my towel so dad can dry me !

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Roll on Summer

Two updates in 2 days, what's the world coming too.

In my garden, it's sunny today ! (Click picture to get me full size)

This is my house, nothing like Spain !

Well here we are, at our summer residence, summer being a little known expression here in "blighty". We've just had a Bank Holiday Monday, and it was as required, grey, wet, windy, overcast, miserable, depressing, and COLD. So that's another bank holiday enjoyed. I was getting desperate as the day went on and drove dads mad. I wanted to play outside, go for a walk, have some fun (but then so did the rest of the population !), they did their best, and in the end I settled for a couple of short walks. Most of the time I am in hiding, as my two cats Boadicea and Esmerelda keep stalking me, I think they missed, me, but my street cred would be spoilt if I am seen fussing them to much.

They need faster film to catch me in action !

Sitting in the shade, the overgrown garden is on their list of jobs "to do"

But there is one thing, all this rain does make England a green and (nearly) pleasant place, the pictures will show that.

Such an "English" picture. They are just up the road from our house.
This is Bill the bull, just across the road from home. There are 2 others Anton and Bob.

Playing in my garden is fun, and with the beds being overgrown I get even more fun rolling and hiding in the plants. In fact it will be nice to be here for the summer, if the truth was known the last few days down in Spain were getting a bit warm for me. But we do miss all our friends who are having a good time in the sun, while we live under an umbrella !
Dad just about to dive in the hot tub in our garden room ! Got his built in lifevest too!

Not another picture !

The view from our village pity its not sunny !

I don't see much of dads most of the time, their busy in their offices catching up on al lsorts of things I don't understand (well I have to say that cus I that's what our dog manual says we have to tell humans). But I did a really good performance yesterday, and they were so taken with my sad face, they took me to Waitrose Supermarket, as a trip out, and I had them wind down my window. I like the wind in my fur, as long as we are not going too fast, or my ears flap to much and my lips try to go over the top of my head (not a pretty sight).

My girls, Lucy and Bracken, always tring to get to me !

One good thing is I have my girl friends Lucy and Bracken next door, and they have seemed to have missed me too, we keep chatting over the fence at each other, and I try to get around most days so we can give mutual sniffing a good go.

Its a party weekend, we are off to our house in London tomorrow to catch up with all my city mates. I expect to get lots of fuss, lots of walks in Greenwich Park, and a share of the buffet at the party on Saturday (our mate Val's birthday) Not sure what dads will do as they have started a period of NO booze, except their wine with dinner, I hope they cope ! (they say they will look like super models when they have lost their weight, as funny as that is, the main fun is on my link page -

click here if you want to smile ).

So that's the end of week 1, and we are all counting.